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Transportation Service

We are offering transport service in Pakistan only, we can provide every type of vehicles for any type of 
material, and we have a large fleet consisting of below vehicles:

1. Shahzore

2. Mazda

3. 20 Ft Container

4. 40 Ft Container

5. 45 Ft Container

6. 50 Ft Container

7. 20 Ft Flatbed (open)

8. 40 Ft Flatbed (open)

We are providing services:

1. Inter City movement

2. Within City Movement

3. Export Transportation from your location to Port Qasim / Karachi Port

4. Import Transportation from Karachi Port / Port Qasim to your Location.

We are your Logistic Partners, you just need to tell us in Which Country your Shipment is ready,
we will lift shipment, get it loaded in the first possible vessel, track, release on arrival at 
destination port, drop at your door step.

Same we are doing with export shipments of our valuable customer, just tell us the destination 
port, we will lift Shipment from your door step, load it in first possible vessel, track, and 
informed consignee on arrival at destination port.

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